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Are you struggling with blocked ears? Do you want to remove excess wax? Do you want a relaxing holistic experience that helps relieve stress? Hopi ear candles are the perfect therapy for you. This traditional therapy applies gentle heat to the ears, helping expel excess wax and letting you relax and unwind during your treatment.


Ear candling can have many medicinal and holistic benefits, including:

Ear wax removal

The wax is gently heated to loosen it up. It is usually naturally expelled from your ears within 48 hours of the treatment.

Blood and lymph flow

This is increased with the heat, helping to promote healing around the ears, nose and throat.

Headache relief

You can enjoy relief from tension headaches as you begin to relax and experience the warming sensations.

Stress relief

This is a calming treatment, promoting general wellbeing and relaxation. Our treatment rooms provide a calming environment for the therapy.

Clearer sinuses and ears

If you suffer from hayfever or have a cold, ear candling can help relieve your symptoms.


The history of ear candles goes back to ancient times. The tradition was originally practised by the Ancient Greeks, and it was later made popular by the Hopi tribe of native Americans. This tribe was especially well known for its healing knowledge and spirituality, and they originally used ear candles for spiritual cleansing. We also now know that ear candles can have benefits for your overall health, encouraging excess wax to leave the ears and helping you to feel calmer.


This is what you can expect during your ear candling appointment:

  • Your therapist will ask you to lie comfortably on your side. The ear candle, containing chamomile, honey and sage, will be placed into your ear canal.
  • The candle is lit, creating a gentle suction and vacuum effect. You might hear some unusual noises – don’t worry, this is just the sound of the candle. They will repeat this step on the other ear.
  • Relax and let the impurities be drawn out. The candle will help to get rid of wax and impurities, and you can enjoy the calming, warm sensation.
  • Enjoy a massage. Your holistic therapist will provide a face, neck, ear and scalp massage to help you relax and enjoy the experience.


We have trained holistic therapists ready to welcome you for your ear candling appointment. Our therapists have extensive knowledge of and training in this therapy, so they will be able to tailor your appointment to you. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about your holistic treatment with Serenity.

Many of our clients come back for ear candling treatments on a regular basis, to help keep ear canals clear and promote a sense of wellbeing. We will be happy to welcome you back whenever you feel you need another treatment.

Please note that your appointment will be with a holistic therapist, who will not be able to provide diagnosis or treatment for specific medical conditions. If you have any health concerns, you should always visit a doctor.

Ear candling
Ear candling (40 minutes)£35

Please get in touch to book your ear candling appointment with Serenity


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