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At Serenity, we offer a full range of waxing treatments for women in our comfortable Orpington-based salon. Whether you want regular waxing treatments to feel beautiful 24/7, or you need a one-off leg wax before your holiday, we will be happy to make an appointment at a convenient time for you.


Waxing is one of the most efficient methods of hair removal. Here are some of the reasons why waxing is a good choice:

  • Hair becomes thinner over time. If you continue to wax, the hair tends to become thinner and sparser.
  • It lasts much longer than shaving. Typically, most people come back for waxing treatments every 5-6 weeks.
  • It won’t leave you with shaving rashes. Waxing leaves your skin smooth and soft after the treatment.
  • Regrowth is softer. Your hair won’t come back through as stubble – it will be finer in texture and appearance.
  • You get very smooth results. The hair is removed from the root, meaning your skin will feel softer and smoother. 


Strip wax is an efficient way of removing wax from a larger area, speeding up the process to minimise discomfort. This makes it the method of choice for a full leg wax.

Hot wax tends to be gentler when waxing more delicate areas and removing thicker hair. We always use hot wax for any bikini area hair removal or facial waxing to help make our clients more comfortable. The warmth of the wax opens up the pores, helping to make hair removal easier.

We use wax from Lycon, a world leader in waxing technologies. You know your waxing treatment will be safe and comfortable when choosing Serenity.


Many ladies in the Orpington area choose us for their waxing treatments, and we have built up a regular clientele in the area. Here are some of the reasons why our clients love visiting Serenity:


We will welcome you to our salon and make sure everything is ok throughout your appointment. We understand people can be a little nervous before a wax!

Comfortable treatment rooms

Our two treatment rooms are designed with your comfort in mind. The ambience helps you feel at ease during your waxing treatment.

A wide range of waxing treatments

We offer a variety of waxing treatments for all parts of the body. If you want something specific, please just let us know.

Easy-to-reach salon

We are located in the quiet and peaceful area of Green Street Green, which is convenient for Orpington-based clients.


This is the current price list for our waxing treatments:

Full leg£32
Half leg£20
High bikini£20
Full arm£26
Half arm£16
Full facial Waxing (excluding eye brow shape)£35
Upper lip£8
Chin or Neck£9
Lip and chin£15
Eyebrow Shape£13

Male Treatments

Back or Chest from

Please get in touch to book your waxing appointment with Serenity. It’s easy to find us – we’re based at 25 High Street, Green Street Green, Orpington, Kent BR6 6BG.


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