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At Serenity, we offer spray tans and sunbeds in Orpington to give you a gorgeous glow. Opt for a natural tan by using our stand-up sunbed or choose a spray tan to achieve your perfect all-over colour. Our tanning services are ideal if you are going on holiday and want a little extra colour, if you have an event or a night out coming up, or if you want a day-to-day sunkissed appearance. Enjoy our tanning services in our friendly, comfortable salon located in the centre of Green Street Green.


Our spray tans come from Sienna X, a leading name in tanning, allowing us to offer:

Rapid tanning

Choose a traditional spray tan that develops over a number of hours, or ask us about our rapid tanning, which allows you to shower after just an hour. This is perfect if you want a last-minute tan that gives equally good results.

A variety of shades

We will be happy to advise you on the right shade for your skin tone. The spray tan we use is available in various colours, so we can offer you a spray tan whatever your natural complexion.

No skin damage

Fake tanning is completely safe and won’t cause any skin damage. It can even help your skin to feel soft and well moisturised.

A year-round glow

Apply your spray tan whenever you want a little extra colour, at a time to suit you. Many of our clients choose to have a tan before going on holiday or before an event.


Follow our professional advice for prolonging your spray tan:

  • Exfoliate before your appointment. It’s important that your skin is as smooth as possible, ready for tanning. Do this around a day before your appointment.
  • Moisturise. Keeping your skin hydrated will help your tan to last longer. Apply a body lotion after you have showered.
  • Avoid swimming. Of course, this will be unavoidable on holiday, but on a day-to-day basis, avoiding chlorine will help maintain your tan.


Our standing sunbed is the Ergoline Sunrise 480 model. Equipped with 2 metre tall, 48 x 200-Watt turbo-powered UV lamps, it gives you the ultimate all-over coverage. It allows you to listen to music, and offers a silent cooling ventilation system.

A stand-up sunbed is a great option because:

  • You get a more even coverage. You can tan in those hard to reach places, as the UV lights go all around your body.
  • More comfortable surroundings. Some people are put off by the idea of lying down inside a sunbed. Standing up gives you more space and freedom to move.
  • More hygienic. You won’t be lying down on a bed that other people have used. Stand-up sunbeds are simple and hygienic.


Follow our top tips to help protect your skin when using a sunbed:

  • Always wear goggles or disposable eye protectors. This will prevent your eyes becoming damaged by the UV rays. We can provide these for you in the salon.
  • Use a sunbed cream. This doesn’t contain skin protection, but it helps moisturise the skin to keep it in good condition during tanning.
  • Build up your time slowly. Start with fewer minutes on the sunbed and increase them gradually over time. It is much better to take it slowly and avoid burning.
  • Don’t use a sunbed if you are already sunburnt. Even if it is mild, you should always wait for your skin to recover fully before tanning further, or you will cause more damage.
  • Moisturise. After a sunbed session, moisturise your skin thoroughly. This will help keep your skin in good condition and it will help maintain your tan for longer.


We are sure you will love Serenity because we have:

A friendly, professional team

Our beauty therapists are fully trained and can advise you on the right tanning treatments for you.

A comfortable salon environment

Our private, comfortable treatment rooms and sunbed area make every visit enjoyable.

An easy-to-reach salon

We are located in the peaceful area of Green Street Green, which is convenient for Orpington-based clients.


This is the current price list for our tanning services:

Sienna X Spray Tan
Full body£30.00
Half body£18.00
Legs only£18.00
Ergoline Dynamic Upright Sunbed
Courses available
£0.70p a min

Please get in touch to book your tanning appointment with Serenity. It’s easy to find us – we’re based at 25 High Street, Green Street Green, Orpington, Kent BR6 6BG.

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